Diane Havnen-Smith, MSW, LCSW
Southeast Portland (Woodstock) & Clackamas

Your Child's Anger: What Helps? What Hurts?
a peaceful intervention program for parents

Used as a prevention approach or as an effective intervention for child problems such as aggression and anger, anxiety and depression, trauma and grief, and other behavioral concerns. This workshop helps parents to develop a sophisticated understanding of anger as well as learn effective methods for addressing angry behaviors with their children. Parents will learn to deepen their understanding of their children as well as increase their skills and confidence in the complex tasks of childrearing.

The approach of this full day workshop is unique in that parents becomae partners in the therapeutic process and become powerful change agents in their children's lives.

Goals of this one-day workshop:
    •    substantially reduce frequency of angry outbursts
    •    learn to diffuse anger in children
    •    reduce or eliminate children's problems
    •    strengthen family relationships
    •    increase parental self-confidence for dealing with children's behaviors
    •    increase the confidence of children to have the ability to work through anger and problems
    •    increase parental self-confidence for dealing with children's behaviors
    •    learn the basics of filial therapy, a model that teaches parents play therapy skills
    •    anger as a secondary emotion--what is anger about anyway?
    •    dangerous anger--implosive vs explosive anger
    •    venting anger (cartharsis)--the good, bad, and ugly

    •    anger as a positive emotion
    •    empowerment approach with working with kids
    •    children vs. teens: adapting your response to stage of development

When:  February 9, 2013
Time:  10:00-4:00
Where: Sunnyside or Woodstock (to be determined)

Fee: $120, includes lunch, materials ($200/couple)
(May use a credit card, cash, or check for your form of payment.)

* Limited spaces available for group. Please contact me if you are interested in the next session.